Ms Shelly Garg

Shelly Garg is currently pursuing PhD in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition. She has completed her MSc in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition in 2018 from Amity University. She has done her BSc in Biotechnology from Maharishi Dayanand University. She has a keen interest in learning as well as teaching. She believes even a teacher learns every day. With a teaching experience of 3.5 years, she is well motivated to help students learn new aspects of Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle changes. She believes in imparting knowledge gained during lectures practically. With practical interaction a student gains wider spectrum of knowledge. She has given lectures as guest speaker in various international conferences. She has two patents published on her name along with various research papers in reputed journals. Many of her students have published various papers in reputed journals. And she believes in motivating students to do better and learn from their mistakes. She guides students to dream big and help them to reach their dreams and fulfil their goals. She’s just not a teacher but a mentor, who has the best interest at heart for her students. She helps student build their knowledge of subject and work towards the betterment of science along with the Society.

Name Ms Shelly Garg
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D.
Total Research Experience 3.5 yrs
Email ID [email protected]
Teaching Interests
Research Interests
Achievements Two patents published- “A fiber rich ketchup using lotus stem infused with flavonoids”, application number 201911042621.

“A method of Preparation of a Fermented Protein Rich Beverage with Lupin Beans”, application number 201911034021.


Awards (International/National)

Recent Publications Shelly Garg, Hardik Dalal, Sakshi Garg. Impact Of Nutritional Intervention on Immunity & The Incidences of Covid -19. Global Journal for Research Analysis. 2022, 11(01). ISSN No. 2277 – 8160. DOI: 10.36106/gjra. (UGC Approved)

F Paper published- Garg, S.; Sharma, L.; Dalal, H. Role of Diet and Salvia miltiorrhiza to Manage Osteoporosis. Indo Global J. Pharm. Sci., 2021; 11(1): 42-46. DOI: . (UGC Approved)

F Paper published- Shelly Garg, Dr Luxita Sharma. Organoleptic Evaluation of Calcium and Protein-rich snacks Developed from Macrotyloma uniflorum, Papaver smoniferum and Sesame indicum using TOPSIS. EJMCM., 2020; 7(11): 9122-9132. (SCOPUS Indexed).

F Paper published- Shelly Garg, Hardik Dalal. Formation of Vegan, Lactose-free Protein Powder Enriched with Vitamin D & study its Sensory Properties. EJMCM., 2021; 7(11): 8539-8546. (SCOPUS Indexed).

F Paper published – Shelly Garg, Luxita Sharma. Effect of Fibre Supplementation on Body Weight of Obese Adults: A Systematic review and Meta-Analysis of Double-blind RCTs. Bull. Env. Pharmacol. Life Sci., Vol 9 [10] September 2020: 32-41. (Indexed in Web of Sciences).

F Paper published- Dr. Luxita Sharma, Shelly Garg, Dr Akanksha Yadav. Functional and sensory properties of papads developed with semolina and chia seeds. in International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 2020; 9(01): 3607-3612. (SCOPUS Indexed).

F Paper published- Shelly Garg, Dr Luxita Sharma, Puneeta Ajmera. A systematic review on the prevalence and management of jaundice through dietary modifications. Asian Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 2017; 08(06): 4881-4886.

F Paper published- Shelly Garg. A systematic review on the prevalence and management of PCOS through dietary modifications. International Journal of Home Science 2018; 4(1): 236-239

Conferences, Seminars & Workshops Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on ‘Diabetes and Health Care’ held during March 19-20, 2021.

Presented poster in 9th International Conference on ‘Food Processing, Nutrition and Fortification with emphasis on Vitamin D’, held in Jamia Hamdard.

Presented poster in North Zone Convention ‘Anveshan 2020’.

‘3rd International Webinar on Diabetes and Health Care’ (October 04-05, 2021).

‘2nd International Webinar on Food Science and Nutrition’ (September 23-24, 2021).

‘3rd International Webinar on Food Science and Nutrition’ (March 24-25, 2022).

‘4th International Webinar on Diabetes and Health Care’ (March 28-29, 2022).

Area of Interest-Nutrition, Dietetics, Biostatistics, Human Physiology, Nutrigenomics.

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Allied Health Professions are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialties.

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