Allied Health Sciences



The industry of Allied Health Sciences is quite broad and it includes a wide range of health care professionals who utilize their expertise to impact patients, who need medical assistance. Allied health professionals work to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases & illness .They also apply their management and administrative skill to support health care system and apply scientific principle and evidence based practices to assist patients. Tremendous expansion of the healthcare industry brings with it a growing demand for trained allied professionals. Now, the Faculty has 11 Graduate, 8 Post Graduate and 7 Ph.D. Programme running. The courses offered by the Faculty are approved by Govt. of Haryana.

Why Choose Allied Health Sciences?

Advanced Technology Labs

Labs featuring cutting-edge technologies and equipment for students to practice on.

Advanced Treatment Programs

Many programs offer the opportunity to acquire advanced treatment techniques.

Hands-On Hospital Experience

Affiliated Medical College with an 800+ bed hospital allowing students to gain hands-on experience and improve their abilities.

Corporate Hospital Training

Off-campus training at prominent corporate hospitals in the National Capital Region.

Research-Focused PG Curriculums

All PG curriculums, inside and outside the University, focus on research training.

Transdisciplinary Subject Diversity

Subject diversity helps students in transdisciplinary research.

Message from the Dean

The discipline of Allied health sciences have achieved a significant and pivotal role in the entire health care system in the country and globally .The professionals of the various courses offered in Allied health sciences are contributing significantly by utilizing their skills in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illness. They also apply their management and administrative skill to support health care system and apply scientific approach and evidence based ethical practices to assist patients. in recent time there has been tremendous expansion of health care industry bringing huge demand of allied health care professionals in India and abroad. Hence the prospect of choosing allied health courses by students is highly recommended for all those who want to make a career in Health care. The role of these professionals is well recognized, respected and rewarding as well.

Dr. M. Ejaz Hussain

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Program Highlights

Industry Oriented Courses.
Hands-on instruction with SGT Hospital.
Student-led Outreach Activities.
Workshops and seminars with field leaders.

Programs Offered

Our programs focus on developing well-rounded healthcare experts. You’ll not only master the technical aspects of your profession but also learn to communicate effectively and work in interdisciplinary teams. The comprehensive curriculum covers the latest breakthroughs, such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and precision medicine, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving field. Our goal has always been to impart a multidisciplinary education with the right balance of clinical exposure and academic rigor. We have laboratories where the students have the opportunity to study clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, and immunology, gaining a comprehensive understanding of laboratory testing and analysis. Immediate access to SGT Hospital also allows the students to work with top-notch equipment, including imaging technologies such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasounds. Our close ties with top healthcare institutions provide invaluable real-world exposure, equipping you with the skills to excel in your chosen career. 

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