Department of Radio Imaging Technology

The Department of Radio-Imaging technology under Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at SGT University, Gurugram, Delhi NCR, offers diagnostic services through a wide array of imaging modalities. The radiology department is equipped with a number of fixed radiography equipment like MRI, CT, DEXA, DSA, USG (3D, 4D), CR, IITV Fluoroscopy, Conventional Fluoroscopy, Stationary X-Ray Units, Portable X-Ray Units and Mammography Unit.

Mission of Department of Radio-Imaging is to bring the best technologists with knowledge and latest skills required to handle with the advances in imaging technology for the various purpose there is a great demand of technologist who is skilled & competent. Keeping this in mind, three full fledge programmes are running to fulfil the need Diploma, B.Sc, M.Sc. the department of radiology along with the hospital was established in 2007 and the course of Diploma and B.Sc in Radio-Imaging Technology were started in the year 2013 under Faculty of Allied health Sciences M.Sc was started in 2015.

The department performs academic activities by the presentation on Scientific conferences, conducts research based studies (which involves the project works). CBCS (Credit based choice system) attached classes with medical college faculties. Examinations for B.Sc and M.Sc are conducted according to the semester system.

The department also provides regular updated syllabus and curriculum is planned in an ordered manner to ensure overall preparation of Radio-Imaging students in form of lectures and clinical training also with newly adopted teaching methodology likes SIS (Student Interactive Session), Seminars, IT (Integrated Teaching), PPT (PowerPoint Presentations Teaching), RP (Role Play), FGD (Focus Group Discussion), PD (Panel Discussion). The department of Radio-Imaging is research-oriented, therefore research projects is an important tool, which helps the students in developing research skills.

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