Programme of Neurophysiology Technology


Neurophysiology Technology deals with physiology and neuroscience that is concerned with the study of the functioning of the nervous system along with tools of basic neurophysiological research including electrophysiological recordings, such as Electroencephalogram (EEG), Nerve conduction studies (NCS), Electromyography (EMG. A scientist who specializes in the area of neurophysiology is called a neurophysiologist. Neurophysiology departments are usually based in hospitals and linked to neurological centers. Most of the investigations in neurophysiology are recorded in dedicated environments, however they are also performed at the patient’s bedside, in the intensive care and special baby care units and also in the operating theatre.
The three year graduate programme in neurophysiology technology was introduced in the year 2014-2015 keeping in mind the increasing demand of neurophysiology technology as a discipline. The curriculum for the course is designed to suit both medical and industrial aspect of neurophysiology. The major focus would be to impart laboratory skills and strong theoretical knowledge of all the core subjects through didactic medium of communication, student interactive sessions, teacher/student seminars, and problem based learning, group discussions and proper evaluation throughout the year at regular intervals.
At SGT, we have a well-equipped hospital with a specialized electrophysiology lab. The graduate programme students will benefit immensely with exposure to relevant patient tests in their practical classes. The presence of well qualified and motivated team of faculty members is an added boon to the department. A lot of importance is given to industrial exposure as well as providing hands on training in well-known hospitals and research institutes and also during their summer/winter break.
This programme aims to educate students in all aspects of neurophysiology and prepare them either to pursue higher studies or work as neurophysiology technologists in different sectors like clinical, in hospitals, research centers, rehabilitation centers, wellness centers etc. Scope of neurophysiology has increased tremendously over the last decade due to awareness in the area of healthcare problems. Jobs in neurophysiology are available in government as well as private sector hospitals, diagnostic center, rehabilitation centers, etc. Application and sales are new avenues seeking young, qualified, skilled, and enthusiastic professionals into this sector.

The students are provided with well-equipped instruments and practical environment so that they can have better knowledge regarding the instrument which they have studied in theory classes. In practical/clinics they are taught how to cope with the patient and counsel them and provide them best eye care bringing smile on their faces.
Time to time students of optometry are taken to different Industries related with the field of optometry, Hospitals and renowned Eye Care Centers to make them familiar with practical requirements of the industry. Also guest lectures by well-known professionals are arranged for the benefit of the students so that they can gain more knowledge regarding the subject matter. Furthermore seminars and workshops are organized as well as eye camps and school screening programs are taken up so that students get exposure to different kinds of working environments.
The presence of well qualified and motivated team of faculty members is an added boon to the department.