Which Mono-focal IOL is the best

Mono-focal IOLs can be divided into different categories

Foldable Vs Non-Foldable IOL

A foldable IOL is the one which can be introduced into the eye through a tiny incision of 2.8mm. A non-foldable IOL can be implanted through an incision of 5.25 mm only.

Thus, in simple words, implanting non-foldable IOL needs a bigger cut size; hence more chances of induced astigmatism and more cases of post-op complications like wound leak.

To avoid wound leaks, some surgeons prefer putting a suture. Thus, a stitchless cataract surgery no more remains to stitch less as the size of the incision required to implant an IOL is bigger.

Because the foldable IOL is implanted through an incision of 2.8 or 2.2mm, hence no need for stitch, minimal chances of induced astigmatism and minimal chances of post-op complications. Thus, a foldable IOL is definitely better than a non-foldable IOL.

Indian Vs Imported

Both Indian and imported IOLs are good quality and approved by the competent authority but have different costs. The one which suits your pocket is the best for you.

Hydrophilic Vs Hydrophobic

Hydrophobic IOLs are better than hydrophilic IOLs as PCO (After Cataract) chances are less in hydrophobic IOLsBut they are a bit costlier.

Chances of PCO are more in young children, diabetic patients, patients who have been suffering from Uveitis etc. Hence in these patients, hydrophobic IOLs are recommended. Some IOLs have a special feature of a square edge. This also decreases the incidence of PCO.

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Some IOLs are aspheric. Both Indian and imported aspheric IOLs are available in the market. It makes the IOL a little bit better as the optics are better and the clarity of vision is improved by making it aspheric, but at the same time, the cost is also made higher.

Colour of IOL 

Most of the IOLs available in the market are transparent. Some of the IOLs have a yellow tint. Our retina is most sensitive to yellow colour under bright light conditions. So, it is suggested that the yellow colour increases the contrast sensitivity as it blocks the blue light that enters our eyeballs.

Thus, an IOL which is Foldable, Hydrophobic, Yellow tinted, Aspheric, and with square edge is the best IOL for anyone, but it must suit your budget.


Yellow Tinted Hydrophobic IOL                      Transparent Hydrophilic IOL

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Written By:-
Dr. Ashwani Kumar Ghai
Assistant Professor
Department of Optometry
Faculty of Allied Health Science
SGT University

June 1, 2022
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