Syllabus | Research & Biostatistics | BRIT | Third Year

 Research & Biostatistics

Chapter 1- Introduction-

Definition and characteristics of statistics Importance of the study of statistics

Branches of Statistics

Statistics of and health sciences including nursing

Parameters and estimates

Descriptive and inferential statistics

Variables and their types Measurement scales



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Chapter 2- Tabulation of Data

Raw Data, the array, frequency distribution

Basic principles of graphical representation

Types of diagrams – histograms, frequency polygons, smooth frequency polygon, cumulative frequency curve, normal probability curve



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Chapter 3- Measures of Central Tendency

Introduction: Uses, applications and practical approach

Definition and calculation of mean for ungrouped and grouped data Meaning, interpretation and calculation of ungrouped and grouped data

Meaning and calculation of mode

Comparison of mean and mode

Guidelines for the use of various measures of central tendency


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Chapter 4- Measures of Variability

Introduction: Uses, applications and practical approach

The range, average deviation or mean deviation

The variance and standard variation

Calculation of Variance and standard variation for ungrouped and grouped data

Properties and uses of variance and standard deviation

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Chapter 5- Sampling Techniques

Introduction: Uses, applications and practical approach

Criteria for good samples

Application of Sampling in Community

Sampling Methods, Sampling and Non- Sampling errors

Sampling variation and tests of significance



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Syllabus Books

B D Chaurasiya’s Textbook of Human Anatomy

A K Jain’s Textbook of Physiology

Christensen’s Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Clark’s Positioning in Radiography, Stewart Whitley & Charles Sloane

Reference Books & Readings

  • Patient Care in Radiography, Ruth Ann Ehrlich, Mosby
  • Chapman’s Guide to Radiological Procedures

About Allied Health Sciences

Allied Health Professions are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialties.

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