Syllabus | RESEARCH & BIO STATISTICS | B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology | Third Year




Domain Teaching
I Introduction of statistics Must Know
1. Definition and characteristics of statistics
2. Importance of the study of statistics
3.Branches of Statistics
4.Parameters and estimates
Desirable to Know
1.Descriptive and inferential statistics
2.Variables and their types
3.Measurement scales
6 Hrs




2 Tabulation of Data
Must Know
1. Benefits of raw data.
2.Diagrams (With labeling)
3.Cumulative frequency
4. Probability
6 Hrs



3 Measures of Central Tendency
Nice to Know
1. Central tendency its applications and practical uses.
2.Calculation of means for group and ungroup data
3. Mode and median
5 hr
4 Measures of Variability

Must Know
1. Central tendency its applications and practical uses.
2.Calculation of means for group and ungroup data
3. Mode and median
Desirable to Know
1. Deviation
2.Average deviation
3. Mean deviation its applications and practical uses
Nice to Know
1.Standard deviation and its definition

6 Hrs



5 Probability and standard Distribution Nice to Know
1.Meaning of probability of standard distribution
2. The binominal distribution
3.The normal distribution
4. Divergence from normality – skewness, Kurtosis


5 Hrs



6 Sampling Techniques


Must Know
2. Raw data its methods, criteria and uses.
3. Application of sampling in community.
Nice to Know
4. Test of significance
6 Hrs



7 Health Indicator Must Know
1.Importance of health indicator
2.Indicators of population
Nice to Know
1.Health services
2. Calculation of rates
6 Hrs





1.        Anatomy and Physiology for nurses Author Ross & Wilson
2.        Principles and practice of nursing Author Sister Nancy
3.        Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology Author Dr E.J. Baker
4.        Operation Theatre Technique Author Brigden
5.        Safety in Operating Theatre Author Mainland and Dudley
6.        Operation Room Technique Author Berry
7.        Central sterile Supply Author Oxford University Press
8.        Introduction to anaesthesia Author Dripps /Vandam/Eckenhoff
9.        Anaesthesia Equipments Author Ward
10.      Clinical application of ventilator support Author Robert R Kirby
11.      Monitoring in Anaesthesia and critical care Medicine Author Caesey D.Blitt
12.      Electronic Techniques in Anaesthesia and Surgery Author D.W.Hill

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