Syllabus | Radiation Physics | DRIT | First Year

Radiation Physics

Chapter 1- General Physics

Electrical charges, potential difference, current and resistance. Ohms Law for electrical circuit, direct current, alternating current, conductors, semiconductors, insulators, power, ammeter and voltmeter. Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction: Self and Mutual, Capacitor, capacitance



Must Know

Chapter 2- Electric system, Components and Control in X-Ray Circuit

Electric supply & Distribution; diagnostic X-Ray circuits- X-Ray Tube, Transformers, types of transformers, losses.

The Tube Stand and Control of panel: Rectification; diodes and rectifiers, semiconductors, Incoming light circuits (Phases – Single & Triple Phase modes, Three Phase 6-pulse mode, Three phase 12- pulse mode; Specialized X-Ray Generators & Transformers.

Basic X-Ray circuits transformers laws and types used in X-Ray machine. The rectification of high tension, control of kilovoltage, filament circuit and tube current

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Chapter 3- Exposure switches and Timer / AEC

Exposure switches and relays timers and its radiographic application. Beam limiting devices, Absorption co-efficient, grids, cones and filter.

Electronic Timers; Automatic Exposure Control Timers, Phototimer



Must Know

Chapter 4- X-Ray Tubes

Fixed and rotating anode, faults in X-Ray tubes, Grid Controlled X-Ray Tube, Mammography X-Ray Tube, Heavy Duty X-Ray Tube, Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube; Tube Rating and Tube Support- Tube heat Ratings, Line Focus principle, Anode Cooling chart, Type of X-Ray Tube Stands. Tube overload indication, X-Ray Tube over Load Protection Circuits



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Chapter 5- Image Intensifier

Fluoroscopic equipment, Digital Fluoroscopic, Dental radiographic equipment, Portable and Non- Portable equipments



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Chapter 6- Care and maintenance

Maintenance and care of all X-Ray equipment and accessories



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