Syllabus | Radiation Hazards & Radiation Protection | DRIT | Second Year

 Radiation Hazards & Radiation Protection

Chapter 1- Radiation protection-

Principles, history & development- National & international agencies, AERB, BARC, ICRP, WHO, IAEA and their role. Equivalent dose- effective dose Sievert- rem. Sources of radiation-natural man made & internal exposures


Must know


Chapter 2- Biological effects of radiation

Effects on cell-stochastic & deterministic effects-radiation risk-tissues at risk-genetic, somatic& fetus risk-risk at other industries. Does equivalent limits philosophy-ICRP (60) AERB guidelines


Must Know


Chapter 3- Planning of radiation installation-protection primary & secondary radiation

Leakage and scattered radiation. Concepts of workload use factor occupancy factor & distance. Barrier design barrier materials-concrete, brick & lead. Primary & secondary barrier design calculations. Design of doors. Control of radiation-effects of time distance and shielding




Must know

Chapter 4- Personnel monitoring systems

Principle and objective-film badge: guidelines for use thermo luminescent dosimeter badge-pocket dosimeter. Area monitoring and radiation survey Practical use of survey meter, zone monitors and phantoms. Survey in x-ray, fluoroscopy and CT scan units



Must Know

Chapter 5- AERB safety code and ethics

Built in safety specifications for diagnostic x-ray, fluoroscopy and CT units, Specifications for radiation protection devices-room layout. Operational safety-Radiation protection programme- Personnel requirements and responsibilities-regulatory controls


Desirable to Know


Chapter 6- Patient protection-Safe work practice in diagnostic radiology

Radiation absorbed dose from general dental fluoroscopy x-ray and CT examinations-X-ray examinations during pregnancy x-ray examinations associated with illness, not associated with illness-medico-legal or insurance purpose x-ray examination-medical research x-ray avoidance of unnecessary radiation dose


Desirable to Know


Chapter 7- Radiation emergencies- situation handling

Safety and prevention-legal requirements recent developments in radiation safety related topics


Desirable to Know



Syllabus Books

B D Chaurasiya’s Textbook of Human Anatomy

A K Jain’s Textbook of Physiology

Christensen’s Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Clark’s Positioning in Radiography, Stewart Whitley & Charles Sloane

Reference Books & Readings

  • Patient Care in Radiography, Ruth Ann Ehrlich, Mosby
  • Chapman’s Guide to Radiological Procedures


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