Syllabus | PHYSIOLOGY | B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology | First Year




Domain Teaching
I  Cell Physiology Must Know
1.Physiology of cell,
3. Membrane and glands
6 Hrs



2 Skeletal System Must Know
1. Bone formation, Growth and movement.
2.Movements of skeleton system
6 Hrs



3 Muscular System Must Know
1.Muscle movements,
2.Muscle tone,
Desirable to know
1.Physiology of contraction,
5 Hrs
4 Nervous system Must Know
1.Brain, cranial and spinal nerves
2.Reflex action and stimulus
Desirable to know
1.Physiology of nerve stimulus,
8 Hrs



5 Blood & Circulatory System Must Know
1.Physiology of blood and function of heart
2.Blood Groups
3. Factors influencing BP, and pulse
8 Hrs


6 Respiratory System


Must Know
1. Functions of respiratory organs
2.Pulmonary ventilation, lung Volumes & capacities
3.Mechanics of respiration
4.Gaseous exchange in lungs
5.Carriage of oxygen and carbon-dioxide
6.Exchanges of gases in tissues
Desirable to know
1.Regulation of respiration
2.Alterations in disease
8 hrs




7 Digestive System Must Know
1.Functions of organs of digestive tract,
2.Movements of alimentary tract,
3.Digestion in mouth, stomach,
Small intestine,
4.Absorption of food,
Desirable to know
5.Functions of liver, gall bladder and pancreas
6.Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
6  hr
8 Excretory system Must Know
1. Functions of kidneys,
2.Composition of urine
3.Fluid and electrolyte balance
Desirable to know
1.Mechanism of urine formation
2.Regulations of body temperature
Nice to Know
1.Alterations in disease
6  Hrs
9 Sensory Organs Must Know
1.Functions of skin, eye, ear, nose, tongue
Nice to Know
1.Alterations in disease
6  Hrs
10 Endocrines Must Know
1. Functions of pituitary, Pineal gland, Thymus, Thyroid, Parathyroid,
Suprarenal & placenta
Nice to Know
1.Alterations in disease
6 Hrs
11 Reproduction Must Know
1.Reproduction of cells- DNA, Mitosis, Meiosis, Spermatogenesis
2.Functions of female reproductive organs:
3.Functions of breast, –
4.Functions of male reproductive organs:
Desirable to know
1.Fertility system
Nice to Know
1.Alterations in disease
5 Hrs
12 Lymphatic and Immunological system


Desirable to know
1.Formations of T- Cells and B- Cells
2.Types of Immune response
Nice to Know
5 Hrs


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