Syllabus | PATHOLOGY | Diploma Operation Theatre Technology | First Year




Domain Teaching
I Basic Pathology: Must know
1.Pathology & its branches
2.Normal cell and its function
Desirable to know
1.Various types of microscope & light microscope in details
12 Hrs



2  Haematology
Must know
1.  Formation of Blood,
2.Composition and functions of blood,
3.Various anticoagulants, their uses, and their merits & demerits,
4.Collection & preservation of blood for various hematological investigations,
5.Normal hematological indices,
Desirable to know
7.Various methods of estimation of Hb involved and standardization of instrument,
Nice to Know
6.Normal and absolute values in hematology,
8.Haemocytometery:- Procedure of cell count visual as well as electronic red cell, 9.Leucytes and platelet count,
10. Romanowsky dyes,
11.Preparation and staining procedure of blood smears,
12.Morphology of normal blood cells and their identification,
13. ESR & Factors influencing ESR and various procedures for its estimation


30 Hrs







3 Clinical Pathology Must know
1. Normal urine- Physical and chemical properties.
Desirable to know
1. Normal values of
CSF,.Pleural fluid & Semen
12 Hrs



4 Basic Transfusion medicine Desirable to know
1. History and discovery of blood group system.
2. ABO and Rhesus blood group system.
Nice to Know
3. Other blood group system.
12 Hrs



5 Histopathology Must Know
1.Biomedical waste management
Desirable to know
1.Section cutting & staining with Haemotoxylin & eosin with other special
Nice to Know
1. Grossing,
2.Tissue Processing,
9 Hrs





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