Syllabus | Paper6 – Management of OT | Bachelor of Optometry | Third Year

Paper-6-Management of OT 

50 hours

S. No




Module 1

Introduction to Operation Theater in general Must Know

  • Who can enter OT
  • Who cannot enter OT
  • How to enter OT
  • Movement, Posture, and  Communication in OT
  • Sterile vs Non-sterile area
  • 3 doors between sterile and un-sterile area
4 Hours

Module 2

Asepsis: How to achieve Must Know

  • Sterilization of instruments  and operation theater
  • How to wash instruments after use, dry, wrap and send for sterilization
  • How to wear gown, gloves
8 Hours

Module 3

Anesthetic agents and where indicated Must Know

  • Halothane, nitrous oxide, oxygen, paralyzing agents, recovery agents, endo tracheal intubation
8 Hours

Module 4

O T Sterilization procedures Must Know

  • Fumigation-Procedure,  its advantages and disadvantages,
  • Latest techniques to sterilize OT
  • Fogging
  • Cleaning of walls, OT Tables etc. – when and how
4 Hours

Module 5

Sterilization procedures of  OT Instruments Must Know

  • Autoclave
  • Hot air oven
  • Ethylene oxide
4 Hours

Module 6

Maintenance of Instruments and equipments Must Know
How to clean and maintain

  • Ophthalmic Instruments
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Orthoptic instruments
  • Optometric instruments
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