Syllabus | Paper IV- Management of Health and Fitness | M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics | Fourth Semester

Paper IV- Management of Health and Fitness

Total-40 hrs

S. No.




  • Introduction to Fitness and Training Benefits of Exercise.
  • Components of physical fitness.
  • Assessment of nutritional status.
  • Holistic approach to management of health and fitness including diet and exercise (Aerobic and anaerobic).
  • Alternative systems for Health and fitness.
  • Effect of anaerobic exercise on musculoskeletal system, Endurance , strength/ Power, Speed, Coordination, agility, balance etc.
Must Know
Assessment of nutritional status.
Training benefits on health  & fitness
Desirable to Know
Component of physical fitness& holistic approach of health & fitness.
Nice to Know
Alternative system of Health and fitness.


  • Introduction of Cardio–respiratory System.
  • Effect of aerobic exercise on heart rate, blood pressure and lung function.
  • Assessment of Cardio-respiratory fitness using Maximum aerobic capacity (VO2 max).
  • Assessment of coronary risk profile- RISKO factor.
  • Recognizing symptoms to stop any exercise, Emergency procedures.
Must Know
Assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness, coronary risk profile and emergency procedures during exercise.
Desirable to Know
Introduction of Cardio respiratory system and effect of exercise on it.


  • Substrate for exercise.
  • Utilization of lipid and carbohydrate in relation to exercise type, intensity and duration.
Must Know
Utilization of carbohydrate and lipids in exercises of different types and intensity.


  • Introduction of Water and Electrolyte Balance-                                                                          Regime of hydration and dehydration.
  • Symptoms and effect of dehydration.
  • Sports Drink.
Must Know
Water and electrolyte balance and symptoms & effect of dehydration.
Desirable to Know
Sports Drinks


  • Effect of Specific nutrients on Work Performance, Physical Fitness and Training.
  • Diets for physical fitness & training.
  • Consumption pattern of nutragenic aids &supplements.
  • Merits and demerits of nutragenic aids and supplements.
Must Know
Dietary prescriptions for physical fitness & training.
Desirable to Know
Consumption pattern of nutragenic aids & supplements& their merits /demerits.


  • Exercise prescriptions in Special Conditions.
  • Exercise regime for pre and post-natal fitness.
  • Exercise prescriptions for obesity and weight control, diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, spondylitis, back aches.
Must Know
Exercise prescription for physical fitness during normal and different disease conditions.


Module 7
  • Formulating dietary guidelines for fitness, health & disease conditions.


  • Critically analyzing different established weight reduction diet plans.
  • Management of  obesity  and CVDs.
Must Know
Formulating dietary guidelines for fitness & health.
Desirable to Know
Critically analyzing different established diet plans for health and fitness.


Reference Books

  • William C. Grantham , R.W. Patton , Tracy D. York , Mitchel L., Health Fitness Management, Human Kinetics,1998.
  • Melvin H. Williams, Eric S. Rawson, J. David Branch, Nutrition for health, fitness and sport, Mc Graw Hill,2016.

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