Syllabus | PAPER IV-FOOD PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY | M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics | Third Semester


Total-40 hrs

S. No.

Topics to be covered


Teaching Hours

Module 1
  • Introduction of Food packaging
  • Need of food packaging
  • Role of packaging in extending shelf life of foods.
  • Designing of package materials.
  • Testing of package materials.
  • Testing of package performance.
  • Principles in the development of safe and protective packing,
  • Safety assessment of food packaging materials.
Must Know
Designing and development of safe food packaging material.
Desirable to Know
Role of packaging in extending shelf life of food.


Module 2
  • Food packaging systems, product characteristics and package requirements.
  • Introduction of food packaging system.
  • Different forms of packaging.
  • Rigid, semi-rigid, flexible forms of packaging.
  • Different packaging system for-Dehydrated foods, Frozen foods, Dairy products, Fresh fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry, Sea foods.
Must Know
Packaging requirement of food product and different types of food packaging system.


Module 3
  • Introduction of packaging materials, Types of packaging materials their characteristics and uses.                                                                       
  • Use of paper as a packaging material-Pulping

Fibrillation, Beating, Types of papers ,Testing methods.

  • Use of glass as a packaging material-Composition, Properties, Types,Methods of bottle making.
  • Use of metals as a packaging material-        Tinplate containers, Tinning process, Components of tinplate, Tin free steel (TFS), Types of cans, Aluminum containers, Lacquers.
  • Use of plastics as a packaging material-Types of plastics, Plastic films, laminated plastic materials, Co-extrusion.
Must Know
Various packaging materials used in packaging industry.





Module 4
  • Package accessories and advances in Packaging technology-Introduction, Active packaging, Modified atmosphere packaging, Aseptic packaging, Packages for microwave ovens, Biodegradable plastics, Edible gums, Coatings.
  • Packaging equipment and machinery- Vacuum packaging machine, CA & MA packaging machine, Gas packaging machine, Seal and shrink packaging machine. Form & fill sealing machine, Aseptic packaging systems, Retort pouches, Bottling machines, Carton making machines, Package printing machines.
Must Know
Packaging technology and equipments/machinery used in packaging.






  • Gordon L. Robertson, Food Packaging: Principles and Practice, Third Edition,2013.
  • Gordon L. Robertson, Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide,2010.
  • Ruben Hernandez,  Susan E. MSelke, John Culter, John D. Culter, Plastics Packaging: Properties,Processing,   Applications, and Regulations,2000.
  • Walter Soroka, Fundamentals of Packaging Technology-Fourth Edition,

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