Syllabus | Paper II- Nutrition Management During Emergencies | M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics | Fourth Semester

Paper II- Nutrition Management During Emergencies
Total-40 hrs

S.No. Topics to be covered


Teaching Hours
  1. Natural/Manmade disasters resulting in emergency situations-Famine, Drought,flood,earthquake, cyclone, war,civil and political emergencies.
  2. Factors contributing to the rise and development of emergency situations (Use illustrations from Indian case studies).
Must Know
Natural, manmade disasters and contributing factors for the development of emergency situation.


Module 2
  1. Nutritional problems and communicable diseases Causes, major deficiencies andcommunicable diseases-PEM and other specific deficiencies, Cholera,Typhoid,Measles, TB,Plague.
  2. Control and prevention, role of immunization and sanitation.
Must Know
Major nutritional problems their causes, control and prevention.
Desirable to Know
Major communicable diseases their causes, control and prevention & role of immunization.


Module 3
  1. Assessment of nutritional status- In emergency affected populations, Scope formalnutrition assessment, Indicators and simple screening methods.
  2. Organization for nutritional surveillance.
Must Know
Nutritional surveillance inemergency, screening methods and related organization.


Module 4
  1. Nutritional relief and rehabilitation-                    Assessment of food needs, food distribution strategy,targeting food aid, mass and supplementary feeding, special foods/ rations for nutritional relief.
  2. Organizations for mass feeding/ food distribution, transportation and storage, feeding centers.
  3. Sanitation and hygiene and public nutrition approach to tackle nutritional and health problems in emergencies, ethical considerations.
Must Know
Food aids during emergency, food needsassessment, transport, storage & distribution strategy during relief & rehabilitation for nutritional relief.
Desirable to Know
Management of Health problems during emergency.


Module 5
  1. Nutritional considerations for LBW children and children with developmental disabilities.
Must Know


Module 6
  1. Nutritional and health status of elderly-                                                          Factors influencing food and nutrient intake, health status including life style pattern, medication, psychosocial aspects etc.
Must Know
Factors influencing nutrition & health status of elderly.


Module 7
  1. Chronic degenerative diseases and nutritional problems of the elderly etiopathogenesis, management, prevention and control.


Must Know



  1. WHO, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, International Federation of Red Cross, World Food Programme, The management of nutrition in major emergencies,2000.
  2. B.Wisner,J.Adams, Environmental health in emergencies and disasters(A practical guide),2002.
  3. United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Emergency Food Security Assessment Handbook, First Edition,2005.

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