Syllabus | Paper-6 Clinical Examination of Visual System | Bachelor of Optometry | Second Year

Paper-6 Clinical Examination of Visual System
60 hours

S. No




Module 1

History Taking of ophthalmic patient Must Know

  • Chief complaints, History of present illness, h/o Past illness, Family history, Personal history, Treatment history, Menstrual history with examples and relevance.
16 hours

Module 2

Visual acuity testing Must Know

  • Snellen’s chart

Desirable to know

  • Logmar chart

Nice to know

  • Decimal system
4 hours

Module 3

Examination of muscle balance Must Know

  • Ductions, Versions, accommodation, convergence

Desirable to Know

  • diplopia charting
8 hours

Module 4

Slit Lamp examination anterior segment of eyeball Must Know

  • Normal and Abnormal findings of Eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, Iris, Pupil, Lens
10 hours

Module 5

IOP measurement and Gonioscopy Must know

  • Procedure, limitations, indications of Schiotztonometry, applanationtonometry,NCT
4 hours

Module 6

Examination of fundus with Direct, Indirect ophthalmoscope Must know

  • Principle, Procedure, Indications, difference between direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy
4 hours

Module 7

Examination of Lacrimal system, Orbit Must Know

  • Procedure and Interpretation of lacrimal syringing

Desirable to know

  • Exophthalmometer
2 hours

Module 8

Visual field charting Must Know

  • Automated perimeter
  • Amsler grid

Desirable to Know

  • Confrontation method
  • Lister perimeter
6 hours

Module 9

Neuro-ophthalmological examination Must Know

  • Aesthesiometer
  • Ocular movements
  • Pupillary reactions
6 hours

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