Syllabus | Paper-5 OCULAR DISEASES | Bachelor of Optometry | Second Year


60 hours

S. No




Module 1

Diseases of conjunctiva


Must Know

  • Etiology, clinical features, management of Infective conjunctivitis, Allergic conjunctivitis, Trachoma, Pterygium

Desirable to know

  • Concretions
  • Pingicula
10 hours

Module 2

Diseases of Cornea


Must Know

  • Infective Keratitis
  • Keratoconus

Desirable to know

  • Corneal opacities

Nice to know

  • Filamentary keratitis
  • Non healing corneal ulcer
  • Surgeries of cornea
10 hours

Module 3

Diseases of Sclera Must Know

  • Staphyloma

Desirable to Know

  • Basic idea about Scleritis
2 hours

Module 4

Diseases of Uveal Tissue Must Know

  • Etiology, Clinical features, Management of anterior Uveitis

Desirable to know

  • Coloboma of uveal tissue
3 hours

Module 5

Diseases of Lens Must know

  • Etiology, Classification, Management of Cataract-congenital and acquired
  • Types of surgeries
  • Complications of surgeries

Desirable to know

  • Dislocation and subluxation of lens
10 hours

Module 6

Glaucoma Must know

  • Definition, Types, Clinical features, Investigations, Treatment of primary glaucoma
  • Anti-glaucoma drugs

Desirableto know

  • Normotensive glaucoma
  • Surgeries of glaucoma

Nice to know

  • Secondary glaucomas
9 hours

Module 7

Diseases of Vitreous, Retina and Optic nerve Must Know

  • Basic idea about retinal detachment, Optic neuritis and vitreous hemorrhage, Asteroid hyalosis, synchiaisscintillans
2 hours

Module 8

Ocular manifestations of systemic diseases


Desirable to Know

  • Ocular changes in Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism, Anaemia
6 hours

Module 9

Diseases of eyelids, Lacrimal apparatus and Orbit Must Know

  • Etiology, Clinical features, management of Stye, Chalazion

Desirable to Know

  • Dacryocystitis

Nice to Know

  • Orbital cellulitis
  • Meibomitis
4 hours

Module 10

Ocular injuries Must Know

  • Basic idea about Clinical features, investigations and treatment of Blunt trauma, Chemical burns

Desirable to Know

  • Penetrating injuries, Radiational injuries, Thermal injuries
6 hours

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