Syllabus | Paper-5 Ocular Biochemistry | Bachelor of Optometry | First Year

Paper-5 Ocular Biochemistry

heory -60 hours                                                             

S. No




Module 1

Introduction to various biochemical test Must Know
How to do and clinical significance of:

  • KFT-Blood urea, Serum Creatinine, S electrolytes
  • LFT-SGOT, SGPT, S. Alkaline phosphatase
  • S lipid profile

30 hours

Module 2

Tear film and pH Must Know

  • Formation of tears, Basic and reflex tear secretion
  • Layers of tear film

Desirable to Know

  • pH of tears and significance

10 hours

Module 3

General Introduction to metabolic processes affecting the eye Desirable to Know

  • Glycolysis
  • HMP shunt
  • Krebs cycle
  • Sorbitol pathway

20 hours

Module 4

Rhodopsin cycle Must Know

  • Photopigment- Rhodopsin &Iodopin.
  • Chemical nature of Rhodopsin, Visual cycle

Module 5

Aqueous and Vitreous humors Must Know

  • Formation and drainage of aqueous humor, its composition, functions
  • Primary and secondary vitreous humor

Module 6

Metabolism of lens and cornea Must Know

  • Biochemical composition of cornea and lens
  • Sources of nutrients-oxygen, Glucose, Amino acid
  • Cataract – Due to biochemical defect of lens.

Desirable to Know

  • Lens protein- their types & characteristics.
  • Antioxidant mechanism in the lens
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