Syllabus | Paper-3 Eye banks | Bachelor of Optometry | Third Year

Paper-3 Eye banks

50 hours

S. No




Module 1

Publicity Must Know

  • How to utilize Print Media
  • Electronic media
  • Social media
  • Greif Councelling (Relatives’ councelling done at the hospital by the councellor at the time of death)
10 Hours

Module 2

How to donate your eyes Must Know

  • Who can donate eyes
  • Who cannot donate eyes
  • What to do after death of near and dear
  • Role of Pledge Form
  • Role of the next of kin

Desirable to know

  • How to register
  • who can register
  • how to inform eye-bank for eye donation
10 Hours

Module 3

Collection of eyes Must Know

  • Time within which to collect the eyes
  • How to prevent contamination/ infection
  • Legal formalities required before enucleation
  • Instrumentation required, method of enucleation
  • How to transport and use eyes.
  • Whole globe enucleation vs Corneo-scleral rim extraction
6 Hours

Module 4

Preservation of eyes Must Know

  • Latest techniques for preservation of donor Cornea- Short term, long term methods to preserve eyes.

Desirable to know

  • MK Media
  • Optisol
10 Hours

Module 5

Pre and post-operative Instructions Must Know

  • Do’s and don’ts
4 Hours

Module 6

Human organ transplantation act 1994 Must Know

  • Who can register for HOTA
  • Procedure for registering with HOTA
  • Requirements of HOTA
  • Penalty for violating HOTA
10 hours
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