Syllabus | Paper-2 Contact lens | Bachelor of Optometry | Third Year

 Paper-2 Contact lens

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Module 1

History of Contact Lens Must Know

  • Important mile stones in the development of CL
4 hours

Module 2

Corneal Anatomy and Physiology Must Know

  • Layers of cornea, Oxygen supply of cornea
  • Blinking in relation to CL wear

Desirable to know

  • Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

Module 3

Contact Lens materials Must Know

  • Salient features of different types of CL materials, their Advantages and  Disadvantages,
  • Dk Value

Desirable to know

  • Optical properties of PMMA, HEMA, CAB
4 Hours

Module 4

Glossary of Terms: Contact Lenses Must Know

  • Briefly discuss different terms used in CL practice
  • Base curve, Total diameter, Optic zone, peripheral curvesetc
4 Hours

Module 5

Indications and Contra Indications Contact Lens Must Know

  • Conditions where CL are better than spectacles
  • Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, Anisometropia
  • Conditions where CL should not be used
  • Infective, allergic conditions of eyeball
4 Hours

Module 6

Keratometer Must know

  • Briefly discus its parts functioning
  • How to use, How to increase range, sources of error
6 Hours

Module 7

Fitting philosophies Must know

  • Flat. Steep and Alignment fitting
  • How to assess fitting of CL

Desirable to Know

  • Effect of change in parameter on CL fitting
4 Hours

Module 8

Astigmatism correction options Must know

  • Fitting of Spherical Soft CL and RGP lenses
  • Toric soft CL, RGP lenses
2 Hours

Module 9

Follow-up post fitting examination Must know

  • How to detect any CL wear problem and treat at the earliest
  • Complaints of patient in relation to CL wear and remedies

Desirable to Know

  • Examination under slit lamp
2 Hours

Module 10

Cosmetic Contact Lenses Must know

  • Briefly discuss different types of cosmetic CL
  • Different colors and shades of CL
2 Hours


CL in Special situations Must know

  • How CL wear is different in aphakia, pseudophakia, keratoconus and children from normal CL wear

Desirable to Know

  • Daily wear and extended wear lenses, Therapeutic Lenses/Bandage CL
4 Hours

Module 12

Care & maintenance of Contact Lenses Must know

  • How to take care of CL
  • Instructions to the patient

Desirable to know

  • CL Solutions
2 Hours

Module 13

Verification of parameters Desirable to know
How to measure diameter, base curve, power of CL
2 Hours

Module 14

Review of lenses available in India Must know

  • Briefly discuss different brands available in Indian market
  • B and L CL, Cooper vision lenses, silk lens
4 Hours
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