Syllabus | Paper-1 Dispensing optics | Bachelor of Optometry | Third Year

Paper-1 Dispensing optics

60 hours

S. No




Module 1

Ophthalmic lenses


Must Know

  • Manufacturing & Characteristics of different types of lenses,
  • Spherical, Toric, Bifocals, Progressive addition lenses
  • Ghost Images, Best Form lenses, Pantoscopic tilt, and its consequence
  • Achromatic, Ashperic. Lenticular, High Index Lenses,
  • Photochromatic Lenses, Polaroid Lenses,
  • Optical center of a lens

Desirable to Know

  • Retroscopic tilt
  • Tilting of lens
  • Tinted Lenses, ARC lenses, Hard coat lenses, U V protective lenses, Balance lens
24 hours

Module 2

Spectacle Frames Must Know

  • Nomenclature of frames
  • Materials of frames
  •  Shapes, Measurements
  •  Repair of spectacles
  •  Fitting of Lenses in Frames

Desirable to know

  • Types & parts, sides, joints, frame bridge
  • Glazing & Edging of lenses
20 Hours

Module 3

Test chart standards, Refraction room Standards, Projection Charts, Phoropter Must Know

  • Snellen’s chart
  • Logmar chart
  • Decimal chart

Desirable to Know

  • Basic idea of Phoropter
8 Hours

Module 4

Patient complains and management Must Know

  • Headache after using spectacles-how to manage
8 Hours
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