Syllabus | Operation Theatre Technology – Applied | B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology | Third Year

Operation Theatre Technology – Applied



 Domain Teaching
I Pre Operative preparation  

Must Know
1.Pre operative preparation
2.NPO protocol
3.Informed consent
4.Pre medication

8 Hrs



2 Monitoring  

Must Know
1. Patient record keeping pre operatively, during anesthesia and post anesthesia.
2.Standard monitoring tenchniques
3.Spo2, ETCo2 monitoring techniques and equipments
4. Principal and techniques of temperature monitoring.
5. Cardiac monitors pressure and ECG monitoring, technique and equipments.
6. Respiratory monitors, respiratory rate, Respirometors

10 Hrs




3 General  Anaesthesia
Must Know
1.Types of anaesthesia
2.Indication of general anaesthesia
3.IV and Inhalational anaesthetics
4.Induction, intubation, maintenance , emergence
5.Balanced anaesthesia
6. OT ventilators in brief.
7.Feeding NG tube insertion and hyperalimentation
Desirable to know
8. Methods of measuring the expired gases from the patient.
9. Principals of working and types of respirometer.
10 Hrs




4  Other type of anesthesia Must Know
1.Regional anaesthesia techniques
2.Spinal and epidural anaesthesia
3.Intravenous Regional Anaesthesia (Bier,s Block)
4.Local anaesthesia
5.Anaesthe adjuvant drugs
7.Conscious Sedation
12 hrs




5 Complication of Anesthesia Must Know
1.Adverse drug reactions
2.Complication of General Anesthesia
3.Complications of  Regional Anesthesia,
4.Complication of Local Anesthetics
10 Hrs



6 Special Diagnostic Procedures Desirable to Know
2. Endoscopy
3.Radio opaque dyes and uses
Nice to know
1.Nuclear medicine procedures


11 Hrs




7 Diagnostic Procedures  

Desirable to Know
1.Pathological examination for surgical diagnosis purpose
2. Radiological  examination for surgical diagnosis purpose
4. CT scan

11 Hrs



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