Syllabus | Nuclear Medicine & Pet Scan | BRIT | Third Year

 Nuclear Medicine & Pet Scan
Chapter 1- Nuclear Medicine

Applications and Apparatus for nuclear medicine


Must Know


Chapter 2- Gamma Camera

Application, Function and instrumentation


Must Know


Chapter 3- SPECT

Definition, Applications, Clinical uses, advantages & disadvantages


Desirable to Know


Chapter 4- PET CT & PET MRI

Benefits vs risk or PET-CT and PET-MRI


Desirable to Know


Chapter 5- Radionuclides

Characteristics and half-life of Radionuclides.

Commonly used Radionuclides


Must Know

Chapter 6- Protocols- Routine protocols

Indication, contraindications of PET Scans- Indication and contraindications of PET

Patient Preparation- Patient preparation technique in PET Scan

24 Must Know



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