Syllabus | Intervention in Diagnostic Radiology | BRIT | Third Year

Intervention in Diagnostic Radiology
Chapter 1- 1.                     Interventional Radiology

Definition, Indication, Clinical Application, advantages, disadvantages, risks etc

12 Must Know
Chapter 2- Name of different type of Procedure sand description All MRI Angiography

All C.T. Angiography

All Biopsy, FNAC, MRI Guided.

All Biopsy, FNAC, USG Guided.

All Biopsy, FNAC CT Scan Guided

USG, CT Scan Guided Tapping

Nerve Blocks.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Stereotactic Brain Biopsy


Must Know

Chapter 3- DSA- Introduction, its application, instrumentation, all DSA procedures and its advantages, disadvantages and risks vs benefits ratio. Patient’s preparation for DSA procedures 40  

Must Know

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