Syllabus | Hospital Practice and Care Of Patient | BRIT | Third Year

Hospital Practice and Care Of Patient

Chapter 1- Introduction to hospital staffing- Hospital staffing and administration

Medical records and documentation- Medical records and documentation


Must Know


Chapter 2- Legal issues

Legal issues in radiology department, PNDT Act

4 Desirable to Know


Chapter 3- Professional ethics- Professional ethics and Code of conduct of radiographer 6  

Desirable to Know


Chapter 4- Handling of patients Seriously ill and traumatized patients, visually impaired, hearing and speech impaired patients, mentally impaired patients, infectious patients 4 Must Know


Chapter 5- Departmental Safety Safety from hazards due to radiation, electricity etc 6 Must Know


Chapter 6- Infection control Skin care, donning of gowns, gloves, face masks, head caps, shoe covers 4 Must Know


Chapter 7- Vitals signs- Vitals signs. How to measure vital signs 8 Must Know


Chapter 8- Body mechanics and transferring of patient Draw sheet lift, use of slide boards, wheelchair to couch, couch to wheelchair, couch to table, three men lift and four men lift 6 Must Know


Chapter 9- First aid- Artificial respiration, haemostasis, first aid techniques, ABCD management 10 Desirable to Know


Chapter 10- Anesthesia- Local anesthesia and general anesthesia, uses in hospital

Facilities regarding general Anesthesia in the X-ray department

10 Desirable to Know


Chapter 11- Adverse reactions- Management of adverse reactions to contrast media 8 Must Know


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