Syllabus | General Radiography | DRIT | First Year

 General Radiography

Chapter 1 Role of Radiographer in Hospital practice and Patient care

Appearance and behavior of radiographer, professional conduct, code of ethics




Must Know


Chapter 2 All Views and techniques of Upper Limb

Fingers, Hand, Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Joint, Ball catcher view, Forearm, Elbow Joint, Head of Radius and Ulna, Humerus, all view of Shoulder joint like Acromio-clavicular joint, Scapula, Sterno – Clavicular joint etc





Chapter 3 All Views and techniques of Lower Limb

Toes, Foot, Calcaneum, Inter-condylar Notch, Ankle Joint, Tibia and Fibula, Patella, Knee joint, Femur



Must Know


Chapter 4 All Views of Hip and Pelvis

Theatre procedure for Hip, Pinning and Reduction, Pelvis, Sacro-ilac Joint, Pelvis Bone, Acetabulum



Must Know


Chapter 5 All Views and techniques of Skull

Cranium, facial bones, temporal bones, temporo-mandibular joints, mandible, Paranasal Sinuses



Must Know


Chapter 6 All Views and techniques of Vertebral Column

Cervical Spine, Thoracic spine, Lumbar spine, Sacrum, Coccyx



Must Know


Chapter 7 All View and techniques Chest

All View and techniques Chest to visualize lung fields and heart, diaphragm, Sternum



Must Know

Chapter 8 All views and techniques Abdomen

All View and techniques Chest to visualize gastro-intestinal tract, urinary tract



Must Know


Chapter 9 Skeletal Survey

All views required for skeletal survey


Desirable to Know

About Allied Health Sciences

Allied Health Professions are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialties.

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