Syllabus | FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT | M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics | Fourth Semester


Theory: – 40 hrs                                                                                

S. No.

Topics to be covered


Teaching Hours

  1. Introduction, Definition of food service industry, principles of food service industry, objectives, types of food service industry
  2. Hospitals, school meals, hostels, Industrial canteens, commercial hotel, canteens Institutions catering to different types of handicapped personnel.
Must Know
Definition &types of foodservice institutions.


Module2 Theories of management and approaches -Classical or traditional theory,
Neoclassical approach, Quantitative approach, MBO approach, System approach, Behavioural and Human relations, Contingency approach, JIT approach, Total quality management approach, Management science or operation research.
Must Know
Theories of management.


Module 3 Developing objectives and goals -Definition, importance, types of goals, Policies, procedures, rules. Must Know
Developing goals, policies, rules and procedures for food service institution.


Module 4 Principles and procedures of management-Definition of management, organization & interaction at work •principles of management, functions of management , Managerial roles & responsibilities, the manager& leadership quality. Must Know
Principles, function and procedures of management,  managerial roles and responsibilities.


Module 5 Tools of management –Definition, classification:- tangible tools, intangible tools, Organization chart,structure,function, work improvement techniques. Must Know
Definition, functions and tools of management and work improvement techniques.


Module 6 Personnel management -Definition, scope, concept of personnel management,approaches of personnel management, personnel policies, staff employment, training, placement, promotion, personnel records, workappraisals. Must Know
Management of staff employment, training, placement, promotion and work appraisals.
Desirable to Know
Scope of personal management.


Module 7
  1. Material management, Quantity food preparation and service-                                                             Definition.Principles of quantity food purchase- selection, buying and accountingof different foods.
  2. Inventory management- assessing requirements, receiving of stock,release of stocks.Record maintenance.
  3. Factors in menu planning for large groups, systems for maintaining quality in food preparation and service
  4. Kitchen control and maintenance of Kitchen records.
Must Know
Methods of food purchasing, inventory management, and maintaining quality in food production and services.
Desirable to Know
Factors involved in planning a system for maintaining large group quality food preparation.
Nice to Know
Kitchen control


Module 8


  1. Financial management-Definition, scope of financial management, financial accounting, management accounting, budgeting, costing, cost control,   accounting.
Must Know
Financial management in food service institutions.                  


Module 9 Hygiene and sanitation in preparation and serving area –                          Personal hygiene, types, sourcesof contamination, prevention, safety measures,          methods of controlling infestation, methods of dish washing. Must Know
Sources of food contamination, hygiene, sanitation & safety measures in food production.
Desirable to Know
Infestation control.
Nice to Know
Methods of dish washing.



*Report submission (internal valuation)                                                   Total-20 hrs

  1. Standardization of recipes- costing of recipes.  Must Know
    1. Cereal and cereal products
    2. Vegetables.
    3. Fruits.
    4. Meat, chicken and other fleshy foods.
    5. Sugar and jaggery
    6. Milk and its products.
    7. Pulses.
    8. Nuts and Oil seeds.
  2. Survey of hostels and cafeteria to assess various aspects of food service management. Submit a report. Desirable to Know

Reference Books:

  1. Sathe, A.Y., A First Course in Food Analysis,1999.
  2. Sethi, Mohini, Catering Management :An Integrated Approach,2015.
  3. Sethi, Mohini, Fasting and Feasting – Then and Now,2008.
  4. Sethi, Mohin, Institutional Food Management,2004.


Paper II- Nutrition Management During Emergencies
Total-40 hrs

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