Syllabus | Food Safety and Quality control | B. Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics) | Second Year

BND 2nd Year

      Food Safety and Quality control
  Theory: 80 Hours

S. No






Module 1


Concept meaning and exposure, estimation, toxicological requirements and risk assessment

  • Food quality, food safety, foodadulteration,foodhazards.Natural toxins.
Must Know

  • Definition of food quality, food safety
  • Functions of food

Desirable to know

  • Concept of food safety
  • Responsibility for food quality and safety
  • Types of adulteration

Nice to know

  • Scope of food safety and quality



Module 2


Food laws and regulations

  • National and international food laws
  • Governing bodies.
Must Know

  • Introduction to food laws
  • National and International food laws
  • Governing bodies

Desirable to know

  • Importance of food laws
  • Laws related to food safety



Module 3

Safety aspects

  • Water and beverages such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa.


Must Know

  • Introduction to safety aspects
  • Classification of safety aspects
  • Safety aspects for water and beverages




Module 4

Safety assessment and Safety evaluation

  • Food contaminants and pesticide residues.
  • heat treatments and related processing techniques
Must Know

  • Introduction to safety assessment and safety evaluation
  • Definition of safety assessment
  • Definition of safety evaluation
  • Introduction to food contaminants
  • Types of food contaminants

Desirable to know

  • Methods of preventing food contaminants
  • Laws & regulations





Module 5

Concept of quality attributes 

  • Physical, chemical, nutritional, microbial, and sensory.
  • Concepts of quality management.
  • Principles of quality control.

l. Quality management systems in India; Sampling procedures and plans.
2. Food Safety organizations dealing with inspection, traceability and Labeling issues, International food standards.

Must Know

  • Introduction to quality attributes
  • Concepts of quality attributes
  • Definition of quality management
  • Principles of quality control
  • Food safety organization

Desirable to know

  • Quality management system in India
  • Laws & regulations




Module 6


  • Define,
  • Principles
  • Uses

How HACCP assists the food industry.

Must Know

  • Introduction to HACCP
  • Definition of HACCP
  • Principles of HACCP
  • Role of HACCP in food industry

Desirable to know

  • Use of HACCP
  • Laws & regulations






Module 7

Quality assurance,
Total Quality Management

  • GLP, GAP
  • Sanitary and hygienic practices
  • Quality manuals, documentation and audits
  • Indian & International quality systems and standards like ISO and Food Codex
  • Export import policy and export documentation
  • Laboratory quality procedures and assessment of laboratory performance

Applications in different food industries.

Must Know

  • Introduction to quality assurance
  • Definition of quality assurance
  • Definition of total quality management
  • Role of HACCP in food industry
  • Application of quality assurance in food industry




Module 8

Quality control in food service institutions

  • Introduction to the food and beverage sector
  • Sectors of the foodservice industry
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Classifications of food service establishments

Types of food and beverage services

Must Know

  • Introduction to food & beverage sectors
  • Sectors of  food service industry
  • Classification
  • Types of food & beverage services

Desirable to know

  • Operation of food & beverage industry


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