Syllabus | Basic Dietetics | Food Packaging | Third Year

BND 3rd Year
Food Packaging
Theory: – 80 hrs

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Module 1


Introduction to Food Packaging:-
Definition of food packaging • concepts• functions:- containment • protection • convenience • communication •  marketing •  portion control •  security
package environment:- physical environment, ambient, human environment • Function/ environment grid for evaluating packaging performance • packaging innovation
Food Packaging material:-
Introduction • definition • functions of packaging material • types of packaging material
Food packages:- bags, pouches, wrappers, tetra packs
Must Know

  • Introduction to food packaging
  • Definition of food packaging
  • Introduction to different types of packaging material
  • Food packages used for packaging

Desirable to know

  • Concepts of food packaging
  • Functions of food packaging
  • Advantages and  disadvantages of different food packaging material

Nice to know

  • Package environment
  • Importance of food packaging
  • Health effects of packaging
13 hrs








Module 2


Packaging Materials :-
Introduction• definition • purpose • requirement•   types of material:-  paper based, metal packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging•  types of containers
Materials and Forms Modern Packaging:

  • Glass containers
  • metal cans
  • composite containers
  • aerosol containers
  • rigid plastic packages
  • semi rigid packaging
  • flexible packaging
Must Know

  • definition of packaging material
  • types of packaging material

Desirable to know

  • Purpose of packaging
  • Requirement of packaging material
3 hrs


Module 3

Packages of Radiation Stabilized Foods
Introduction • definition • types •methods for establishing radiation stabilization • rigid containers• flexible containers
Radiation measurement of radiations.
Biodegradable packaging material – biopolymer based edible firm
Must Know

  • Introduction to  radiation stabilized foods
  • Definition of packaging of radiation stabilized food
  • types of packaging material
  • introduction to biodegradable packaging material

Desirable to know

  • methods of establishing radiation stabilization
  • measurement of radiations

Nice to know

  • Laws related to packages used for radiation stabilized foods
15 hrs



Module 4

Packages of Dehydrated Products:-
Introduction • Definition of dehydrated products •Orientation•metallization•co-extrusion of multilayer films • stretch•package forms and techniques.Aseptic packaging:
Introduction • history •principles of sterilization • aseptic packaging system • retortable containers •modified and controlled atmosphere packaging •skin, strink and cling film packaging •microovenable containers • other package forms •components of plastics • integrity testing of aseptic packaging
Must Know

  • Introduction to dehydrated packaging
  • Introduction to aseptic packaging
  • Method of dehydration of product
  • Principles of sterilization
  • Types of aseptic packaging

Desirable to know

  • History of aseptic packaging
  • Nutritional changes happen on dehydration
  • Benefits of aseptic packaging

Nice to know

  • Packaging for dehydrated food product
  • Health hazards related to packaging
  • Provision of law


Module 5

Packaging of Finished Goods:-
Introduction• Definition of finished goods • package selection criteria •Weighing•filling•scaling•wrapping•cartooning•labeling• marking and trapping.
Introduction • definition of labeling •Standards • purpose • description •types of labels •labelling regulation barcode •nutrition labelling •health claims •mandatory labelling provision
Must Know

  • Introduction to packaging
  • Definition of finished goods
  • Different criteria’s for selection of packaging material
  • Definition of labeling
  • Types of labeling

Desirable to know

  • Importance of labeling
  • Importance of packaging
  • Health claims

Nice to know

  • Laws related to packaging and labeling
  • Nutritional effects occur due to packaging
15 hrs


  • Food Packaging: Principles and Practice, Third Editionby L. Gordon Robertson
  • Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guideby L. Gordon Robertson
  • Plastics Packaging: Properties, Processing,   Applications, and Regulationsby Ruben Hernandez,  Susan E. MSelke, John Culter, John D. Culter

Fundamentals of Packaging Technology-Fourth Edition by Walter Soroka

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