Syllabus | BASIC ANAESTHESIA TECHNOLOGY | B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology | Second Year



S.NO.                         TOPIC Domain Hours as
per MCI
1 Medical  Gas Must Know
1. compressed gas cylinders
2.Colour coding different gas cylinder and pipe line system
3. Cylinder storage space and things to remember while empty and full cylinder storing.
4.Diameter index safety system
5. Medical gas pipe line system and station outlets.
6. Alarms and safety devices in pipe line gas supply.
Desirable to Know
7. Oxygen concentrator working principle, their uses and care.
Nice to know
8.Air compressor
8 Hrs
2 Gas administration devices


Must Know
1.Anaesthesia masks : Types / sizes
2.Flow meters
3.Gas Regulators
Desirable to Know
1.Flow restrictors
8 Hrs
3 Oxygen Therapy Must Know
1. Definition, causes and responses to hypoxemia.
2. Clinical signs of hypoxemia.
3. Goals of oxygen therapy.
4.Evaluation of patients  receiving oxygen therapy
5. Hazards of oxygen therapy.
8 Hrs
4 Anaesthesia Machine Must Know
1.Boyles Machine and its function.
2.Modern anesthesia machine.
3.Hanger and Yoke system
4.Cylinder pressure gauge
5.Pin index
6.Pressure regulator
7. Vaporizers- TYPES, Hazards, Maintenance, Filling and drainage.
8.Flow meter assembly
11 Hrs
5 Breathing System Must Know
1.Open, Semi closed and Closed Circuits, Classification of breathing system
2.Mapleson breathing system
3.Jackson and Rees system
4.Bain circuit
5.Non rebreathing valves- Ambu valves
6 Injection Techniques


Must Know
1. Intra muscular and insertion of Intra Venous cannulas.
2. Handling of sterilized syringes and needles. 
7 Fluids and Electrolytes


Must Know
1.Type of fluid (Crystalloids & Colloids)
2.Steps to prepare I.V. drip
3.Indication of specific fluid and their complication
7 Hrs
8 Gas Analyzers and monitoring Must know
1.Pulse oxymeter
2.Oxygen Analyser / sensor
3.EtCO2 Monitor / Capnography
Nice to Know
4.Transcutaneous oxygen monitor
8 Hrs
9 Resuscitation Techniques Must know
1.Basic life support (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) 2.Equipment utilized for it,
3.Drugs used in CPR,
8 Hrs
10 Artificial Airways Must Know
1.Types of airways (Nasal/Oral)  and features,
2. Sizes, colour coding, and methods of insertion
3.Indications for use
8 Hrs
11 Pre op and Post op care  

Must Know
1.Checking and preparation of Anaesthesia trolley and Eqpt
2. Pre operative preparation of patient.
3. Management of pre operative and post operative rooms.
4. Transportation Techniques of patient in conscious, semi conscious and unconscious patient to and fro – operation theatre.


10 Hrs
12 Anesthesia Equipment Maintenance / sterilization



Must Know
1. Cleaning, Disinfection & sterilisation
2. Physical / chemical methods
3. Testing of sterilization
4. Critical /semicritical /Non critical devices
5. Levels of Disinfection
Desirable to Know
1. Reusable items
8 Hrs

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