Syllabus | ANATOMY | B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology | First Year






Domain Teaching
I Introduction: human body as a whole Must Know
1. Definition of anatomy and its subdivisions
2.Anatomical nomenclature and terminology
Desirable to know
1.Surface Anatomy of main structures and vessels
4 Hrs
2  Histology Must Know
1.Cell and its organelles
2.various types of tissues –Classification
6 Hrs


3. Locomotion and support (with relevant applied anatomy) Must Know
1.Cartilage-definition, types with example
2. Classification of bone.
3. Classification of joints,.
4. Classification of muscles with examples, function of main muscles.


8 Hrs



4 Bones of the body (region wise) Must Know
1.Bony architecture of upper limb,
2.Lower limb,
4. Thorax.
Desirable to know
1.Vertebral column: cervical thoracic lumbar, sacral and coccyx vertebrae intervertebral disc
5 Hrs
5 Cardiovascular system (with relevant applied anatomy)


Must Know
1. Heart-Size, location, chambers
2. Great vessels of the heart, -Branches of aorta.
3.Blood vessels of upper extremity and lower extremity
Desirable to know
1.Circulation -Systemic & pulmonary


4 Hrs
6 Lymphatic system Desirable to know
1. Components of  lymphatic system
Nice to Know
1.Features of spleen, tonsil, thymus, lymph node

4 Hrs

7. Gastro-intestinal system (with relevant applied anatomy) Must Know
1. Parts of the gastrointestinal tract
2. Stomach,
3. Small and large intestine
4.Gall bladder
Nice to know
1.Gross anatomy of Tongue,
4.Other digestive organ & related applied anatomy


4 Hrs
8 Respiratory system (with relevant applied anatomy) Must Know
1. Parts of respiratory system
2.Brief description of intercostal muscles and para-nasal air sinuses
Related applied anatomy


5 Hrs
9 Urinary system (with relevant applied anatomy) Must Know
1.Parts of urinary system
2.Features of kidney,
3.Urinary bladder,
5. Urethra
5 Hrs
10 Reproductive system Must know
Parts of male and female reproductive system with salient gross features of testis & uterus, ovary and fallopian tube
5  Hrs
11 Endocrine glands Desirable to know
1.List of the endocrine glands and their position
Nice to Know
1.Hormones produced by each endocrine glands
4 Hrs
12 Nervous system Must Know
1.Names of lobes of Cerebrum and cerebellum,
2.Cerebrospinal fluid and its circulation,
3.Names of cranial nerves, spinal nerve,
autonomic nervous system

Nice to Know
1. Parts of brainstem.
2.Neuron- structure and classification,
3.Classification of the nervous system,
4.Definitions of central, peripheral and

5  Hrs
13 Sensory organs
Desirable to Know
1.Skin’s functions,
2.Parts of eye and its structure
3. Parts of ear- external, middle and inner ear and contents
5  Hrs
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