Syllabus | ADVANCED ANAESTHESIA TECHNOLOGY | B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology | Second Year




S.NO.                         TOPIC Domain Teaching



1 Anaesthesia


Must know

1.     Evolution of modern anaesthesia.

2.     Peripheral pulse – locations

3.     Methods of BP measurement

4.     Dye allergies,

5.     Monitoring, Equipment options in the MRI

Nice to know

1.History of anaesthesia

10 Hrs








2 Anaesthesia Gadgets



Must know

1. Different type of laryngoscopes and blades

2.Description of plain and cuffed endotracheal tubes,

3.Indication, Method of insertion, complications


5.Specialised ET Tubes: Armored tubes, Ring, Adair and Elwyn tube (RAE), Micro laryngeal tubes, Double lumen tubes, Bronchial blocker

7. LMA, Supraglottic airway devices (SAD), Ambu bag,

8. Tracheotomy

Nice to Know

1.Protocol for tracheotomy decannulation

10 Hrs










3 Anaesthesia Monitoring


Must know

1. Monitoring during anesthesia.

2.Multi parameter monitor

3.Arterial blood pressure – NIBP, IBP, Manual BP

4. Electrocardiogram (ECG)

5.SpO2, EtCO2

6.Neuromuscular monitoring

7. Clinical monitoring


9 Hrs
4 Suction Apparatus


Must know

1.Foot operated,

2.Electrically operated suction apparatus and its General Principal, uses and care

3.Central pipeline suction, colour coding

8 Hrs





5 Medical Ethics


Must know

1. Relevant medico legal aspects.

2. Responsibilities and duties.

3. Ethical behavior and conduct

Nice to Know

1. Medico legal aspects and relation to consumer protection act.

7 Hrs






6 Drugs used in OT / ICU



Must know

1. Drugs used during General anaesthesia and Regional anaesthesia,

2. Intravenous anaesthetic agents uses and complications.

3. Inhalational Anaesthetics

4. Pre- medication indication, Type of drugs used for premedication, Doses and side effects.

5.Narcotic agents and other Analgesics

6.Anti hypertensive drugs

Desirable to Know

1.Anticholinesterase drugs

2. Antiarrhythmic,

Nice to Know


2. Anticoagulant drugs.



16 Hrs






7 Blood Transfusion


Must know

1. Various types of blood and blood products

2.Pre transfusion Checks

4. Blood administration set

3.Transfusion reactions

Desirable to Know

1. Grouping and cross matching


7 Hrs






8 Mental Sickness and Cardiology


Must know

1. Various ECG leads, their placement and normal ECG.

2. Shock : Types, signs & symptoms and management

3.Electroconvulsive (ECT) shock therapy, drug effects on seizure duration

Desirable to Know

1.Hemodynamic responses and appropriate treatment


9 Hrs






9 Artificial Ventilation and Related Equipment


Must know

1. Operation room Ventilators and ICU ventilators

2.Complication in patients on Ventilators

3.General care of patient on Ventilator

4.Disinfection and sterilization of ventilators


8 Hrs




10 Anesthesia techniques


Must know

1.General Anaesthesia Technique

2.Regional / Local Anaesthesia Techniques

3.Topical Anaesthesia Technique


5.Balanced Anaesthesia


17 Hrs







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