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Nutrition and Dietetics is a subject of growing importance in many aspects of healthcare, lifestyle and industry. It focuses on the interface between human nutrition and food science, an area of increasing importance to educators, health department, consumers, government and the food industry.   It builds on major concepts of human biochemistry and physiology, nutrition and food science to discuss the roles of all nutrients, nutritional contents of food and diet in health and disease. The program includes all the units of study to ensure that the students acquire competence including public health, medical nutrition therapy, food service management, communication, management, research and evaluation.



The overall goal of the department of is to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Human across the globe. The primary goal of the department is to train Nutrition experts with the latest knowledge, leadership and skills to become active partner in healthcare development and provide professional Nutrition services in a wide variety of settings including academic, government, corporate and military & community based organizations.


  1. To impartknowledgeanddevelopcapacitiesofthestudentsthroughhighereducationin theareas ofhumannutritionviz.foodscience,foodsafety quality controlandfood product developme
  2. To develop students to become health care professionals for services in various fields of clinical nutrition and medical nutrition management and related areas such as hospitals academics, research, industry, clinical nutrition department, training, extension and community service.
  3. To develop capacities and abilities and enable them to pursue higher education and research in Nutrition and Dietetics.



Two year full- time program consisting of four semesters including internship programme of 45 days in various hospitals of repute to give practical exposure in various aspects of professional practice.


B.Sc. in Food Science & Nutrition/ Nutrition & Dietetics/Applied Nutrition/Home Science/Biochemistry/B. Sc. with PG diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics/B.Sc. in life Science/Bioscience with Biochemistry and one subject as Food & Nutrition and any other equivalent/ relevant qualification is expected as a prerequisite for this program.



  • In academics with a focus on developing a research and teaching career.
  • In hospitals with health care career as a nutrition expert/consultant dietitian.
  • In sports with a focus on developing career as a consultant nutritionist/researcher.
  • In Public health sector with government/international organization with a focus on developing career in research/ nutrition consultancy.
  • In business sector with a focus on developing a career in research/sales & marketing/nutrition consultancy.


Department of Nutrition & Dietetics.SGT University, Gurgaon,Delhi-NCR.:

Course Distribution:

The M. Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics program will be of two year duration. It will be divided into four equal terms of six months each.

Course Distribution of M. Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics (Credit)
Semester Total credit Theory Lab Seminar Hospital



(Thesis Work)

Total credit
I 18 16 4 20
II 19 13 4 2 4 23
III 17 12 4 1 4 21
IV 18 11 2 12 25
Total 72 52 14 3 4 16 89
*1credit hour(theory)=1hr/week/subject,1credit hour (Lab)=2 hour/week/lab

Professional /Clinical Training

The students will be given assignment/ project for summer and winter vacation at a suitable hospital/diet /clinic/ health care centers and they will be asked to present the project / work report which will be evaluated for their internal assessment . The students will be given due support by facultyin this regard.

Students are expected to complete at least 45 days training in different areas of the hospital with community based health clinics or various corporations like Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Paras hospital

Research Training:

A master research project (Master thesis work) investigating a topic of interest in Nutrition and Dietetics by every student. This research should lead to paper/poster presentation at a professional meeting and/or an article for publication.

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Allied Health Professions are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialties.

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