Industrial Visit to Jamia Hamdard

A day long laboratory visit to Microbial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology laboratory (funded by DST -FIST) of Jamia Hamdard University was organised under Microcosm Association on 10th February 2020. The students got a first hand experience of the workings of the research laboratory being run by eminent scientist Dr.Bibhu Prasad Panda and his research associate/ students- Mojeer, Jalaluddin, Archu and Megha.

Three different types of fermenters like Submerged fermenter, liquid fermenter and solid fermenter was shown and demonstrated to students. A lyphophilizer (freeze dryer) used for preserving biological material by removing the water from the sample, which involves first freezing the sample and then drying it, under a vacuum, at very low temperatures was also explained in detail. A vapor–liquid separator is a device used in several industrial applications to separate a vapor–liquid mixture and incubater shaker. CIF facility included HPTLC which uses enhanced form of thin-layer chromatography, it allows more accurate quantitative and qualitative measurements and a Ultra Water Purifier.

In addition students were informed about how to encapsulate Vitamin D in a edible form and how to extract it form different microbes like yeast.

March 26, 2020

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