Faculty Members

Mr. Sumit Pant

Assistant Professor


Mr. Sumit Pant is Graduated & postgraduate From Sgt University Gurgaon in operation theatre technology. He is currently working as an Assistant professor in the department of operation theatre Technology under Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, SGT University, Gurugram. He has completed his internship/Training in the Department of Anaesthesia and critical care at Columbia Asia hospital Gurugram and is having an experience of 3 years in Academics. His present focus is on creating best teaching practices in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. He is Responsible for Theoretical and Clinical Training of Graduate & postgraduate students of anaesthesia and operation theatre technology students.


  • M.Sc. & B.Sc Operation theatre Technology

Total Years of Work Experience:

  • 3.4 Years

Email ID:

  • sumit_fahs@sgtuniversity.org

Teaching Interests:

  • Anaesthesia techniques
  • Surgical equipment and procedures
  • Sterilization
  • Anaesthetic drugs

Research Interests:

  • Anaesthesia,surgical¬†
  • Critical care technology

No of Recent Publications:

No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops:

  • ¬†–