Dr. Chetan K. Yadav

CKY is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Allied & Health Sciences (FAHS) at the SGT University, Gurugram, Haryana having awarded with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Animal Sciences from School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad (a central university), followed by more than 8 years of postdoctoral research experience from institutes of the highest reputation including Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (Department of Physics, IIT-Kanpur) and National Brain Research Centre (NBRC, Manesar, Haryana). His research foundations were also incubated at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC, Mumbai) for a masters level research project. CKY has taught several courses in Neuroscience at the masters level at the Gurugram University, Gurugram, Haryana as an adjunct faculty and teaching resource person for a duration exceeding an academic calendar. He has been awarded with NET-JRF and DST-Cognitive Science Research Initiative Postdoctoral fellowship (Government of India) for carrying out a research project in capacity of principal investigator (PI). He has diverse research and teaching interests ranging from molecules to mind, biology to physics and from theory to experiments as demonstrated by his published research in physics of the living systems having representative publications coming from the Physical Review Letters (The American Physical Society, USA) and Biosystems (Elsevier). CKY has also contributed to scientific research in close coordination with top tier universities outside India.


Name Dr. Chetan K. Yadav
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification PhD (University of Hyderabad, India)
Total Years of Work Experience More than 9 years in total:
8 years + postdoctoral research experience
1 year + teaching experience at masters level
Email Id chetan_fahs@sgtuniversity.org
Teaching Interests Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Physics of the Living Systems, Biocomplexity etc.
Research Interests Spatial Navigation, Behavior as a Function of Space and Time, Self-Organization and Universality etc.
Publications (Representative) 2 in PRL and Bio systems, 3 in process
Conferences 1 Brain Modes International Conference 2017
Seminar(s), Workshop(s) etc. 1 (Awarded with Competence)
International Research Exposure Yes
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