Effects of ionizing radiation & Its Monitoring

Since the human body treats radium as calcium, it is deposited in the bones and leads to radiation sickness. Everyone has harmful effects of radiation and its stochastic and deterministic impact on their daily life. Radiation is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or material medium. Protecting people from the harmful effects of exposure to ionizing radiation is defined as radiation safety.

How can radiation be harmful?

As radiation damages the cells that make up the human body, exposure to radiation over a long time can cause cancer.

Radiation Monitoring Devices: As radiation cannot be seen, some devices are invented for monitoring it. For example, TLD BADGES, OSLD, POCKET DOSIMETER, etc.

Sample as shown in the figure below: –

Radiation Safety Devices

Radiation Safety Devices: Lead Apron, Lead Google, Thyroid Shield, Gloves, Ovary Shield etc.

Sample as shown in the figure below: –

Radiation Safety Devices

Cardinal Principle/ALARA must be followed: Time, Distance, and Shielding.

Common hazards of radiation: Skin burns, skin rashes, and vomiting.

Long-term effects: Cancer, eyes cataract, cardiovascular disease as per AERB, ICRP, and NCRP guidelines.

Why is safety required?

Radiation safety is required to protect people from harmful ionizing radiation and its long-term effects. Patients, as well as technologists, must wear radiation safety devices during any scanning.

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Written By:-
Mr. Mohit Deswal (Assistant Professor)
Department of Radio-Imaging Technology
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
SGT University, Gurugram

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