Dr. Mahesh Kumar Seth

Dr. Mahesh  have completed his master in Biotechnology, Ph.D from Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR), Delhi , Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University, New Delhi & VP Chest University (University of Delhi), Delhi, India. he has  also completed. MBA from Faculty of managament Studies, University of Delhi. My P.hD. was undertaken to investigate the role of thiophene ring containing peptidomimetic 3-Thienylalanine-Ornithine-Proline (TOP) which is a novel in-house compound used as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI). Angiotensin converting enzyme is most common and valuable drugs for hypertension and also CHF. he Worked as Senior Research Scientist in Ranbaxy Reserch Labortory and Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Research Center in India,Gurgaon, Haryana and Scientist D in AIIMS, New Delhi. he have around 16 years of research and teaching experience, in teaching handling theory and practical classes in Microbiology , Biochemistry, Biotechnology for bachelor and master courses. In research worked on small molecule drug discovery in leading pharmaceutical industries, Ranbaxy Research Laboratory, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Research Center in India and Govt Organization (AIIMS, New Delhi) expertise in several techniques such as in-vitro functional assay functional assay (organ bath), in-vivo and in-vitro techniques (many cell free and cell based assays), molecular biology, toxicological techniques.
he got Innovation and Spot light award for successfully completed his preclinical study for novel drug discovery research.


Name Dr. Mahesh Kumar Seth
Designation Associate Professor & Research Track Faculty
Qualification MSc, MBA, PhD
Total Years of Work Experience > 16 Years
Total Years of Work Experience > 4 years
Total Years of Work Experience
Email ID [email protected]
Teaching Interests
Research Interests Respiratory, Inflammatory and Cardiovascular diseases
Recent Publications 1. Association of leptin with polycystic ovary syndrome: A systematic review and meta analysis”
Mahesh Kumar Seth1#, Sarthak Gulati1#, , Shreya Gulati3, Amit Kumar4*, Dimple Rawat1, Aradhana1, Rohini Sehgal5, Rinchen Zangmo5, Vivek Dixit6, Premlata1, Arti Gulati1 May 2021, The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology2. Identification of novel Urotensin-II receptor antagonists with potent inhibition of U-II induced pressor response in mice. Euro J Pharmacol . 2020 Aug 1;886:173391. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2020.173391. Tandon R, Soni A, Singh RK, Sodhi R, Seth MK, Sinha S, Sahdev S, Dhage G, Das B, Dastidar SG, Shirumalla RK, Yonesu K, Marumoto S, Nagayama T.3. 1. Effects of a novel ACE inhibitor 3-(3-Thienyl)-L-alanyl-Ornithyl-Proline on endothelial vasodilation and hepatotoxicity in L-NAME induced hypertension in rat. Mahesh Kumar Seth, M Ejaz Hussain, Santosh Pasha (Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2016:10 1533–1542).

4. Sulfur-containing angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor 3-thienylalanine-ornithyl-proline activates endothelial function and expression of genes involved in Renin-Angiotensin system. Chaudhary S*, Seth MK*, Vats ID, Kumar K, Biswas P, Karar J, Hussain ME, Pasha MA, Pasha S. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2013 Apr;61(4):311-7. (* Equally Contribution)

5. Pharmacological properties of a novel PI3Kd inhibitor DS-1515. Kenichi Wakita, Kumiko Koyama, Shintaro Nakayama, Yumi Nishiya, Puneet Chopra, Mahesha Seth, Pooja Chabbra, Punit Srivastava, Ankur Kumar,Manish Diwan, Kiyoshi Morimoto, Masakatsu Suzuki. European Respiratory Journal 2018 52: PA1054; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.

6.Pharmacology of a Novel,Orally Active PDE4 lnhibitor SunandGa .D astidar a Abhjit Ray a Rajkumar Shirumalla a Deepa Rajagopal’ Shiwani Chaudhary a Kamna Nanda a Pawan Sharma a Mahesh Kumar Seth” Sarala Balachandran b Nidhi Gupta b Venkat Palle Department of Pharmacology a b Department of Medicinal Chemistry Ranbaxy Research Laboratories, Gurgaon, India.( Journal of Pharmacology; 2009)

7. Impact of Obesity on Live Birth among Women Undergoing IVF/ICSI: A Meta-Analysis Sarthak Gulati1, Dimple Rawat2, Shreya Gulati3, Rinchen Zangmo4, Arti Gulati5, Mahesh Kumar Seth 6 Aradhana Kumari7, and Amit Kumar8
Department of Orthopedics, J.J.M Medical College, Davanagere, Karnataka1 Clinical Epidemiology Unit, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi2,5,6,7 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi3
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi4 Department of Neurology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi-8 (HJHW: 2021, 12(3), 344-353).

8. Transmission and case fatality rate associated with COVID-19 in Asian countries as per Global hunger index score
Dimple Rawat, Sarthak Gulati, Shreya Gulati, Anshu Sharma, Arti Gulati, Vineet Kumar Kamal, Mahesh Kumar Seth, Amit Kumar
JIMA, VOL 118, NO 12, DECEMBER 2020



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