Department of Radiology

Radiology department is the heart of the hospital upon which relies almost every department for diagnosis and confirmation of diseases. It deals with different radiations: x-rays, sound waves and magnetic fields. While ultrasound and MRI are relatively safe, they are used to diagnose soft tissue and vascular system pathologies. The modalities x-rays, DEXA, and CT scan can reveal bony pathologies.  The significance of medical imaging has increased many folds in recent years, and so is the demand of medical imaging technologists. Our mission at department of radiology is to bring the best technologists with knowledge and latest skills required to handle advanced modalities in radiology. With the advances in imaging technology for various organs, there is a great demand of technologists who are skilled and competent. Keeping this in mind, three programmes have been designed to fulfill the needs: Diploma, B.Sc., M.Sc. The department of Radiology along with the hospital was established in 2007 and the courses B.Sc. and Diploma in Radio-Imaging Technology were started in year 2013 under the faculty of allied health sciences. M.Sc. was started in 2015.

Curriculum is planned in order to ensure overall preparation of Radio-Imaging Technology students in the form of lecture and practical component. Lecture component covers all the theoretical basics and advances. Practical component covers technical skills and competency. Radiology department is equipped with all the modalities from X-ray, DEXA, D.S.A, Ultrasound to CT & MRI. The department of radiology is research oriented; therefore, research project is an important component which helps the students in developing research skills.

Admission Open- 2018