Department of Environmental Science

The world is becoming more crowded, more consuming and more connected. Mixing of traditions, cultures, industrialization and different social structure has created chaos for the environment. Therefore, it becomes necessity of the contemporary times to study and understand our environment with deep knowledge rather than superficial approach. It has become one of the emerging and rapidly growing disciplines as modern-day technology and human actions are slowly ruining and draining the planet’s air, water and soil quality.  Environmental science is important because it teaches human beings how to conserve the environment. The environment makes up and influences every aspect of life on Earth. The study of environmental science helps to enlighten the world about global and regional issues such as: Global warming, ozone layer depletion, climate change, desertification, biodiversity and various social issues related to environment. Environmental education provides a tool to handle the fundamental issues and eradicate the problems related to pollution and mismanagement of resources.

M.Sc Environmental Science is a two year course including four semester in which any students having graduation in any branch of Science (Environmental science/Life sciences/Physical Sciences/Bioscience/Biotechnology/Agriculture) or equivalent related discipline with at least 50 %marks can take admission.

After the completion of the programme the students will be able to pursue their career in different Government as well as Private Institutions. In Government organization they can be placed as Analyst, Consultant, Auditors and Scientist while in Private Institutions they can join various organization such as Environmental consultancies, Pollution control boards, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Environmental Impact Assessment consultancies and various Scientific institutions (Ministry of Environment and Forest, Indian Meteorological Department, World Health Organizations)

and Industries. Also they can pursue their higher education and can go for Ph.D., Post-Doctoral and research in various fields of Environmental Science or can be placed as Teachers/Assistant Professors in private and government educational institutions.

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