Curriculum | Food Safety and Quality control | B. Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics) | Second Year

BND 2nd Year

      Food Safety and Quality control
  Theory: 80 Hours

S.No. Contents Learning objectives
(At the end of session the student should be able to
Teaching Guidelines
(To cover
Methodology Time
1 Concept meaning and exposure, estimation, toxicological requirements and risk assessment Understand the principles and methods of quality control and assurance in foods Food quality, food safety, foodadulteration,foodhazards.Natural toxins. Lectures
With power point presentation and Exercises followed with discussion
2 Food laws and regulations Enumeratethe principles and functions of governing bodies.
Identify the major food laws that are applied to protect food from hazards to ensure food safety
National and international food laws, Governing bodies. Didactic lecture through slides group discussion and Tutorials 10
3 Safety aspects To gain knowledge about strategy and action plan for ensuring safety of beverages. Water and beverages such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa. Didactic ,  PowerPoint presentation and Exercises followed with discussion 5
4 Safety assessment and Safety evaluation Describe the principles for risk assessment of chemicals in Food.
  • food contaminants and pesticide residues.


  • heat treatments and related processing techniques
 PowerPoint presentation and Exercises followed with discussion 8
6 Concept of quality attributes 


To learn about objectives, importance and functions of quality control in food industry.
  • Physical, chemical, nutritional, microbial, and sensory.
  • Concepts of quality management.
  • Principles of quality control.

l. Quality management systems in India; Sampling procedures and plans.
2.Food Safety organizations dealing with inspection, traceability and Labeling issues, International food standards.

Didactic ,  PowerPoint presentation ,Exercises followed with discussion and Tutorials 14
7 HACCP To understand the purpose of hazard analysis and critical control point
  • Define,
  • principles
  • uses
  • how HACCP assists the food industry.
Didactic and  PowerPoint presentation 2
8 Quality assurance,
Total Quality Management
Describe general concept about food quality management &improvement in the food industry.
  • GLP, GAP
  • Sanitary and hygienic practices
  • Quality manuals, documentation and audits
  • Indian & International quality systems and standards like ISO and Food Codex
  • Export import policy and export documentation
  • Laboratory quality procedures and assessment of laboratory performance
  • Applications in different food industries.
With power point presentation Seminar, face to face interactions and group discussion
9 Quality control in food service institutions


Understand knowledge of the key functional areas of the food service institutions.
  • Introduction to the food and beverage sector
  • Sectors of the foodservice industry
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Classifications of food service establishments
  • Types of food and beverage services
Didactic , Use of slides , motion pictures, educational films and videotapes 8
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