Curriculum | Food Packaging | B. Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics) | Third Year

BND 3rd Year
Food Packaging
Theory: – 80 hrs                                                                                                                                      

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Learning objectives
(at the end of the session the students will be able to)

Teaching guidelines



1 Introduction to Food Packaging:-





Food Packaging material:-

Describe the term food packaging and enumerate the functions, concept, packaging environment, packaging material in detail






Definition of food packaging • concepts• functions:- containment • protection • convenience • communication •  marketing •  portion control •  security
package environment:- physical environment, ambient, human environment • Function/ environment grid for evaluating packaging performance • packaging innovation
Introduction • definition • functions of packaging material • types of packaging material
Food packages:- bags, pouches, wrappers, tetra packs
Didactic lecture by power point presentation



13 hrs
2 Packaging Materials :-




understand different types of packaging material used by food industry and their importance with the purpose, precautions Introduction• definition • purpose • requirement•   types of material:-  paper based, metal packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging•  types of containers
Materials and Forms Modern Packaging:

  • Glass containers
  • metal cans
  • composite containers
  • aerosol containers
  • rigid plastic packages
  • semi rigid packaging
  • flexible packaging
Didactic lecture by power point presentation



Industrial visit

3 hrs
3 Packages of Radiation Stabilized Foods Develop effective skills to understand and explain the methods of packing radiation stabilized food Introduction • definition • types • methods for establishing radiation stabilization • rigid containers• flexible containers
Radiation measurement of radiations.
Biodegradable packaging material – biopolymer based edible firm
Teachers seminar, Exercises followed with discussion
Prepare different teaching aids- Projected and non- projected.
15 hrs
4 Packages of Dehydrated Products:-


Aseptic packaging:

Enumerate the term dehydrated products


Explain the process of packaging of dehydrated food products

Introduction • Definition of dehydrated products • Orientation• metallization• co-extrusion of multilayer films • stretch• package forms and techniques.
Introduction • history •principles of sterilization • aseptic packaging system • retortable containers • modified and controlled atmosphere packaging • skin, strink and cling film packaging • microovenable containers •  other package forms • components of plastics • integrity testing of aseptic packaging
PowerPoint presentation, Exercises followed with discussion


5 Packaging of Finished Goods:-


Learn the skills of packing finished food products.


Explain different procedure i.e. package selection criteria, labeling and mandatory provisions that need to be followed in food packaging.

Introduction•  Definition of finished goods • package selection criteria •
Weighing•filling•scaling•wrapping•cartooning•labelling• marking and trapping.
Introduction • definition of labeling • Standards • purpose • description • types of labels • labelling regulation barcode • nutrition labelling • health claims • mandatory labelling provision
Didactic lectures by Power point presentation followed by Discussion , short question exercise 15 hrs


  • Food Packaging: Principles and Practice, Third Edition by L. Gordon Robertson
  • Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide by L. Gordon Robertson
  • Plastics Packaging: Properties, Processing,   Applications, and Regulations by Ruben Hernandez,  Susan E. MSelke, John Culter, John D. Culter
  • Fundamentals of Packaging Technology-Fourth Edition by Walter Soroka
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