Curriculum | FAMILY MEAL MANAGEMENT | B. Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics) | First Year

1st Year
Theory: 80 hrs.
Practical: 60 hrs.





Learning objectives
(At the end of session the student should be able to)

Teaching Guidelines





1. Introduction to meal management Understand meal management and nutritional requirements To cover meal management related terms
– balanced diet
– food groups &
– the planning of balance diet

Didactic lecture through Power point presentation


2. Food guides for selecting adequate diet Defines terminology. To cover all the recommendations
-using dietary recommendations
-food labels to plan menu
-your guide to good nutrition(YGGN)
-plate Model
-food groups, classifications of food group,
-food pyramids, my pyramid(USDA),Canada’ food guide,Chinese food pagoda,Filipino food pyramid,
– nutrition facts

Didactic lecture with  Power point presentation, health claims  related exercises


3. Diet Therapy Know the use of different types of diet therapies To cover therapeutic modifications of the normal diet, objectives of diet therapy and associated factors
-routine hospital diets
-normal diet
-soft diet
mechanical soft diet
-fluid diets
clear fluid diet and full fluid diet

Didactic lecture with Power point presentation and Exercises followed with examples


4. Diet & stress in current scenario. -Understand the effect of stress over the health To cover current scenario of diet and stress
– national level
-international level

Didactic lecture through power point presentation


5. Meal planning for the family. -Demonstrate the role of effective meal planning. To cover ABC’s model of good health
-basic diet planning principles
-nutrition density
-diet-planning guide
-food group plan

Through Power point presentation and exercises followed with discussion


6. Indian meal patterns – vegetarian & non-vegetarian. Impact of foods habits on planning of nutrition chart In this unit cover classification of vegetarianism and non- vegetarianism, semi, pesco, lacto-ovo, lacto, ovo, vegan

Seminar on different types of diets/ Tutorials


7. Food faddism & the faulty food habits. Know the myths and faddism

To cover nutrition related myths and fads, periodicals claims, health food stores, General Nutrition Centre (GNC), nutrition consultants, faulty food habits

Seminar and Group discussion on nutritional myths


8. Nutritive value of common Indian recipes Aware about the Indian recipes ingredients To cover all cousins   north ,south, Chinese, Italian foods

Seminar, face to face interactions and group discussion


9. Nutrition in pregnancy Understand the etiology, physiologic and nutritional care In this cover physiological stages of pregnancy, expected weight gain,
– nutritional requirements including sources
– food selection,
– Complication of pregnancy(primary and secondary)

Didactic lecture by using slides and discuss case studies with examples


10. Nutrition during lactation Able to recommend and provide appropriate nutritional care during lactation. In this cover physiology of lactation:
-Role of hormones, factors affecting the volume and composition of breast milk, nutritional and food requirements
-Suggested recipes for a lactating mother

Didactic lecture through slides and discuss case studies by using charts


11. Nutrition during infancy Able to know nutrition requirements at this period. In this cover- growth & development
– nutritional requirements
-food requirements
– breast feeding, importance of breast milk
-infant formula, preterm baby,
– introduction of supplementary foods.

Didactic lecture through presentation and discuss case studies by using models



12. Nutrition during early childhood (Toddler/Preschool) Able to know nutritional requirements during early childhood In this cover growth & nutrient need
-nutrition related problems
-factors affecting nutritional status
– feeding patterns

Didactic lecture through slides.
-Visit to child specialist hospital




13. Nutrition of school children Understand nutritional requirements of school going children To cover nutritional requirement
– importance of snacks
– School lunch.

Didactic lecture with slides and discuss case studies



14. Nutrition during adolescence


Demonstrate nutritional requirements during adolescence. To cover growth & nutrient needs
– food choices,
– eating habits,
– factor influencing needs
-nutritional problems

Didactic lecture through slides and discuss




15. Nutrition during adulthood Enumerate nutritional requirements during adulthood To cover nutritional requirements, ,food adequacy, low cost balanced diets

Didactic lecture through power point presentation



16. Geriatric
Enumerate nutritional requirements during old age To cover process of ageing, factors affecting food intake and nutrient use, nutrient needs, nutrition related problems.

Didactic lecture through slides and group discussion on old age home menu





Planning, preparation and nutritional evaluation of diets in relation to physiological state.

1.         Planning and preparation of a balanced diet for a pregnant woman.
2.         Diet during complication of pregnancy.
3.         Planning and preparation of a balanced diet for a lactating woman.
4.         Preparation of weaning foods.
5.         Planning and preparation of a balanced diet for pre-school child.
6.         Balanced diet for school going child. Preparation of packed lunch.
7.         Planning and preparation of a balanced diet for adolescence.
8.         Planning of meals for adult belonging to different income group.
9.         Planning meal for senior citizen.


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